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Chaos Empowerment Scheme

Many businesses who could most benefit from online, digital and brand expansion services simply cannot afford these hugely successful services and strategies. Our goal at Cape Chaos Creatives is to give these services to those who most need them through our twinning project we call the Chaos Empowerment Scheme.
We started this project upon returning to South Africa from the UK and finding that many fantastic, innovative and self directed companies and businesses didn’t have (a strong enough) online presence. They lacked the reach that getting online could offer them and they weren’t meeting the targets they had hoped despite doing everything else right.
We wanted to offer our services to these people and companies but unfortunately they couldn’t afford to grow within the digital spectrum.
This is where you can help. Cape Chaos Creatives is willing to provide these services to people who most need it, selected directly by yourself even, at cost price. We aren’t here to profit from your donation, we just need to pay the bills.
Due to the lower cost of living a small donation in the UK or Europe has a huge impact on a business here in South Africa. Web and business development services cost a fraction of what they do when you pay for them.

Have you ever heard of the ripple effect?
One act of kindness can offset a chain of events that can make a real tangible difference not only to one person but to an entire community. A huge part of why we feel that it really isn’t too much to ask of our international sponsors is that, for just a small donation(£300 to £1000) one of our well deserving recipients can get full service digital services, marketing and a business growth plan that can increase the likelihood of expansion meaning the potential for them to offer more jobs in their own communities.
South Africa is a wonderful country plagued by the remnants of a dark past. High rates of unemployment and a large inequalities between the rich and poor mean that many South Africans have little hope for a prosperous future. A staggering low minimum wage that hasn’t kept up with the rates off inflation and little to know governmental help has resulted in high levels of crime and gangsterism. We want to be the change by assisting those in positions to grow innovative and creative businesses that can positively affect their greater communities and offer more quality employment options.