Life is overwhelming, let us awaken your digital entity in a way that embraces the art of less. Good, clear communication without the fuss.


What We Do

We offer digital media services such as; WordPress website design, development, managed hosting, maintenance plans, security hardening, performance optimisation and copywriting alongside business development/growth consulting. So whether you are a start-up looking to do things right from the get-go or an established company looking for a digital overhaul, we can help.

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Web Design & Development

We believe in a minimalistic approach with the websites we create. Ease of use and faster loading times means better Google rankings because, who doesn’t want their potential customers to find them on their first search. Always secure and optimised for mobile devices, the sites we create are low maintenance yet high impact.

Content Creation & Management

Knowing what to put out to the world and how to craft your online content takes skill. We believe less is always more and can assist in creating, editing and managing your content. Skilled copywriters, graphic designers and photographers can be brought onto your project to craft bespoke designs and content.

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Social Media & Marketing Campaigns

We’ll take the stress out of having a consistent social media presence with a clear message. Whether you need advice on how to do it yourself or want to employ our services, we can help you craft a simple yet effective voice for your company which seamlessly integrates with your website, optimised SEO & Adword campaigns.

Business Growth & Development

Growing your business from conception to a booming, revenue generating, employment creating, customer friendly company takes time, work and sometimes a fresh set of eyes to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Our business development team can help you bring change holistically.


At Cape Chaos Creatives our mission is to awaken your digital entity and help grow your business. Communicating what you’re all about to your customers is essential to your business and by adding a digital offering and creating an online presence, you are able to share your business effectively with the world at all times. Improved reach through effective SEO and targeted marketing strategies and a secure, well designed, responsive online presence is almost guaranteed to produce tangible results as your potential customers can access your business 24/7, even if you’re already stuck in traffic on your way home or trying to squeeze in some last minute shopping before heading to the gym.

We believe that to achieve your goals we need to work together in a dedicated and creative manner. Planning and good project management, coupled with focused customer communication is what sets us apart from other digital agencies. Awakening your digital entity is about more than creating a static website, it is about finding your business’s purpose and voice in a fast-paced, chaotic online landscape. We are here to help you stand out and be heard.

Latest Work


Cape Chaos Creatives have worked on various web development projects with Funded UK and we have found their work creative, practical and technically great! The quality of their work is of a high standard and they don’t cut corners.

Ingrid Bahri

Shaun has a phenomenal insight into the efficient design of web solutions. He provided exactly what we needed within a very tight timeline. Highly recommended and professional.

Madeleine van der Steege

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Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our Business Development Manager who can help you look at all the ways in which your business can grow further. Alongside our digital services we can also have a chat about your branding, optimisation of your systems and even look into grants and tax rebates you may be eligible for.

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